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i’ve been receiving spam messages from myself today. if for some reason you receive spam from me please don’t click the links and delete the ask. i’m really sorry! i don’t know why it’s happening again
AU Setting: Sunggyu is slightly drunk so he doesn't notice that he's trying to get into the wrong apartment, the one where Woohyun resides. Thanks girl!


**i tried to make this three sentences long, instead you get three paragraphs without proper punctuation that don’t make much sense… sorry.

even as drunk as he is, sunggyu doesn’t expect the lock to turn into a crotch, but apparently this stuff happens, go figure, and one second he’s on his knees in front of the door to dongwoo’s apartment trying to get the code right, and the next he’s poking someone’s groin repeatedly, like his prayers from earlier at the bar have been heard and there’s some sort of cosmic delivery service that delivers boy toys door to door, plaid flannel pants as wrapping paper and all, to those looking for comfort after being cheated on.

unfortunately, they are going to have to reschedule, because even though the guy in front of him seems nice and fairly attractive, sunggyu’s not exactly in the zone at the moment; he is way too drunk and in desperate need of some flat surface to crash on and that grey couch in the middle of dongwoo’s living room may not look as comfortable as he remembers it being but it’ll have to do for the night.

"you’re lucky you’re cute enough for me to remember you, because i would have called the cops on you if you weren’t dongwoo’s friend," the guy says, but sunggyu misses half of it and he doesn’t even care anyway, so he just buries his face in the arm of the couch and mumbles, “tell me more about how you think i’m cute” because that somehow helps sooth his wounded ego and for some reason it doesn’t feel like something embarrassing to ask of a stranger, not even when the only thing it earns him is a deep, amused chuckle.

how woogyu get ready for school: by doing each other(’s uniform).
((which is very inconvenient because woohyun will never get past first button of sunggyu’s uniform)).

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Religious people came to my friends door and gave her this pamphlet but they got the texts wrong so apparently jesus has no time for you


we finally did it everyone. we got kim sunggyu sent to prison